Lothamer Group Services

Buying a Home

Lothamer Group understands that buying a home is one of the largest financial investments you will make. Whether you’re a first time buyer or seasoned investor, you need the right team behind you to navigate the process.  Our team is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the buying process from the pre-approval process, to identifying properties, to negotiating the best sales price.  We have your best interests in mind and will be able to help you achieve your goals.  Our agents can offer the best insight on Chicago neighborhoods, as well as surrounding Suburbs, to ensure you select the perfect property.  We are dedicated to patiently working with each and every client to make their dreams become reality.

We have expertise in all property types, including new construction, new conversions and resale homes. We provide the following valuable buyer services:

Extensive geographical & neighborhood assistance, including advice tailored to those relocating from out-of-town.

Identifying the right housing type for your needs.

Weekly to daily e-mailed listings, including home videos and property features.

Accommodation of your personal schedule and time frame.

Saving you time by pinpointing your criteria and showing you the very best properties that match your needs.

Expert analysis of the market value (and the market environment) of homes you are serious about purchasing - giving you a significant advantage in any negotiation.

Drafting a sophisticated, compelling and competitive offer to purchase.

Expert negotiating, including strategies of dealing with multiple offers, contingent purchases and 1031 Exchanges.

Handling of your post-contract details involving lenders, inspectors, attorneys and other parties involved in the transaction.

Attending your pre-closing ``walk-through`` inspection and assisting in the creation of a punch-list for new construction and new rehabs.

Selling a Home

Lothamer Group has over 30 years of combined experience in residential sales and we have proven results that will create success for you in selling your property.  Whether you’ve been in your home only a short period of time, or for many years, we can guide you through the process to achieve the best selling price.

Our team “Certified Negotiation Experts” having negotiated over 500 deals

90% of our listings sell within 60 days or less with an average market time of 28 days

We net 3% more for our sellers than the average sales price. Our listings net 98% of list price on average vs. 95% for the typical agent

We have extensive experience in construction and design. Elizabeth has personally managed over 50 property renovations allowing us to provide a lot of insight to buyers and sellers on any potential work that needs to be done/envisioning the space and assessing cost vs. value.

Stats from Midwest Real Estate Data (MREDLLC).

Staging Services

Lothamer Group is one of the few real estate teams to provide completely FREE full or partial staging with your listing!  Elizabeth personally owns her own staging furniture and accessories and can complement your listing to incorporate the best use of space. Our consulting and design service is completely complimentary and is something we enjoy utilizing to make your property stand out.  Our staging services include:

Full staging on vacant listings including move in/move out fees

Partial staging to fill empty spaces

Accessory staging to complement what you already have

Concierge Services

Lothamer Group can provide in-depth consultation and design services to clients who are looking to make strategic improvements on their home to prepare it for sale. We can facilitate a successful construction project from start to finish incorporating cosmetic updates to help sell your property faster and for more money.

Our approach will allow you to make a minimal investment that will maximize selling potential, decrease market time, and increase value. Lothamer Group has extensive experience, having evaluated hundreds of houses and completing numerous multifaceted home renovations. Our expertise and first-hand knowledge of what features appeal to today’s buyer will allow you to sell your home quickly in a competitive market successfully.

From start to finish, we will make selling your home run smoothly. We even can provide moving boxes and help schedule and arrange pet sitters because we know that moving is a big deal and it helps to have a team who understands that.

Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with zero due until closing.


In addition to our own services, we endeavor to keep you protected by referring quality service providers. Lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, tradesmen and contractors are all referred based on positive past experiences with their services.  Our services include making calls on your behalf to get pricing for your specific needs.  Here are some of the service providers we work with and can arrange for you:

Contractor quotes – handyman, painting, electrical, plumbing, and more

Inspection referrals and scheduling

Moving quotes

Cleaning crews