Lothamer Development Company

Providing high quality rehabs in the Chicago area since 2007. With a focus on renovating distressed properties, they specialize in transforming neglected properties into beautiful homes that appeal to a broad range of buyers. Their expertise in the real estate and construction industry allows them to integrate superior workmanship with exceptional design elements. They have passion for excellence and are dedicated to providing the finest rehabs at an affordable price. Lothamer Development Company was founded in 2007 by father/daughter team Jesse and Elizabeth Lothamer. Navigating their way through one of the toughest real estate markets in history, they were able to succeed by seizing opportunities that others had overlooked. Their ability to assess properties and evaluate the resale potential has allowed them to prosper. They have had exponential growth and continue to thrive in an ever changing market.

Property Transformations

Sometimes it's a little change that really turns a space around, or sometimes it's a gut remodel that doesn't look anything like the space did before.

We Buy Houses for Cash

We can make a cash offer on your home if it fits our criteria.

Brokerage Services

In addition to development, we offer full real estate sales and brokerage service